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Solitaire Pro Small Banner

Solitaire Pro


Solitaire is easy to play and very addictive card game. The aim of the game is to sort all the cards on the playing area into 4 piles.

Danny Danger Racer Small Banner

Danny Danger Racer


After his adventure under water, Danny continues his adrenaline ride. This time, he has set off across America by car.

Death Trap Small Banner

Death Trap


Your mission is to collect the emeralds and survive being crushed to death by fallings logs.

3in1 Match'n'Pop Small Banner

3in1 Match'n'Pop


Match the jewels, pop the bubbles and block bust your way through this 3 in 1 value pack of classic games.

Marble Solitaire Small Banner

Marble Solitaire


The board consists of 33 squares in the form of a cross. Your task is to jump over all the marbles until only one remains on the board. Play your way through the tricky puzzles unlocking hidden games in the arcade level.

Fake Call Small Banner

Fake Call


Are you at a loss how to back out of a bad date or any other boring gathering? Use the Fake Call application.

Phone Light Pro Small Banner

Phone Light Pro


Do you need to light the way in the night? Phone Light Pro application will easily handle this and many more different tasks which require light.

Celebrity Quiz Small Banner

Celebrity Quiz


Are you following the world of tabloids, movie, music, and sport celebrities? Show it!

Ocean Blocks Small Banner

Ocean Blocks


Welcome to the ocean. You are taking part in missions in different surroundings of the ocean, from dark volcanic ocean to colourful sea world full of fish.

Footballz Mania Small Banner

Footballz Mania


Do you like games with balls? Play our new game “Footballz!” – the addictive football arcade game for everyone!

Bublex Mania Deluxe Small Banner

Bublex Mania Deluxe


Great logical puzzle game full of color bubbles.Stick bubbles of the same color together to pop them away. The more bubbles you pop, the bigger will be your reward.

Doodle IQ Challenge Small Banner

Doodle IQ Challenge


Would you like to know if you are an intelligent person or a complete idiot? Try the Doodle IQ Challenge game where you will answer a series of simple questions.

The Urinator Small Banner

The Urinator


Would you like to know how it feels to go to the bathroom after several shots? If so, try the amusing game called Urinator, in which you will try to use the toilet without making a mess.

Don´t Fall Off Small Banner

Don´t Fall Off


Rollie really loves to travel. He’s on a boat (a little paper boat, that is). The problem is, he can’t get wet! The clock’s ticking! Move Rollie’s vessel and keep him dry so he can visit Greece, India, Japan and Australia!

Thief Dash Small Banner

Thief Dash


Run with the thief as far as possible and steal as many valuables as you can. On your way, you must be cautious about a lot of traps.

Danny Danger Small Banner

Danny Danger


Danny Danger is a brave man who loves above all adrenalin and breaking any records. This time, he decided to break the world deep diving record.