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Two Cars Small Banner

Two Cars


Try out your multitasking skills with this simple game! Avoid all the squares on the road and collect every single circle. So start both of your cars and prepare for a long drive!

Red Blue Green Orange Small Banner

Red Blue Green Orange


Quickly select the right colour on the screen based on the colour written on the screen. But the color of the text will be coloured differently then what you would expect. Get as much points as you can and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Jelly Match Small Banner

Jelly Match


Jelly Match is a classic turn-based match 3 game with colourful graphics and many levels! Various jelly types allow you to make tactical combinations. Multiple game modes are sure to keep you entertained!

Super Pocket Football 2015 Small Banner

Super Pocket Football 2015


Are you waiting for the championship? Try out your football skills anytime, anywhere. Beat your opponents from around the world and win the cup! Race around the pitch, take the ball away from your opponent and shoot the winning goal!!

Pop Voyage Small Banner

Pop Voyage


This fantasy adventure will take you to a land of colourful balloon matching mania! It's Suzie's birthday, and Mr. Propeller is taking her on an adventurous journey around a fantastical World of Balloons!

Stick Freak Small Banner

Stick Freak


Stretch the stick so you may pass to the other side. Be sure to make the stick accurate, not too long or short or you will fall!

Tower Mania Small Banner

Tower Mania


Build your towers in a fantastic futuristic world in the simplest one-click manner! Place floating blocks as precisely as you can and discover all the wonderful locations!

Impossible Crush Small Banner

Impossible Crush


Try out your reflexes and catch as many marbles as you can! Rotate the coloured square so that the colour of the falling marble matches the colour on the top of the square.

Candy Bubble Splash 2 Small Banner

Candy Bubble Splash 2


Little Suzie is in need for sweets again! Help her get some from the candy shooting machines! Try their features alongside with many game modes and achievements to enjoy!

Timber Heroes Small Banner

Timber Heroes


"Chop logs as fast as you can and win a golden medal in wood chopping! You have to chop fast and avoid dangerous tree branches. Hone your skills and unlock all the heroes! Prove that you are the best!"

2048 Master! Small Banner

2048 Master!


A popular number sliding puzzle, mainly for the really smart and patient. Match pairs of numbers together until you form the number 2048!

Dots Mania Small Banner

Dots Mania


Relax by connecting colourful dots. Connect as much as you can and don't forget that they can be connected into a square! Different game modes and bonuses to make the game even brighter. It is time to connect!

Mafia Hold´em Poker Small Banner

Mafia Hold´em Poker


Mafia families are competing over the title "cappo di tutti capi". But wars and violence aside — let the cards decide who's the toughest! Play classic Texas Hold 'em Poker with the rough guys — if you dare!

Don´t Tap The Red Small Banner

Don´t Tap The Red


A game prepared to entertain you right from the start. Each mode respects just one rule: tap as much green tiles as possible, and don't tap the red tile!

Jewel Bubbles 3 Small Banner

Jewel Bubbles 3


Shiny colourful bubbles await your matching touch! Lots of challenging levels with differrent goals to beat. Even the ultimate bonus levels for the best!

Chef Ninja Small Banner

Chef Ninja


Chopping frenzy in the Kitchen! Orders are still whizzing in and ingredients need chopping! The kitchen needs a ninja hero! Collect bonuses and test your skills with different game modes !