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Custom Game and Application Development plus outsourcing

Full service - from graphics on to testing. Inlogic is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements from its partners and producing games or applications that meet exacting customer specifications.

If you have an idea you need to complete to a high level of quality and on-time, Inlogic Software is the right choice for you. The company has completed many projects using the Java, iPhone and Android platforms and satisfied customers include Allianz, Gambrinus, Str8, Playboy, Pražská energetika a.s., O2 Telefonica and others.

Mobile content Distribution

The company has its own distribution network for distributing its own and aggregated mobile content.

It cooperates with market leaders like Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica O2, Movistar, EA Mobile, Connect2media and others. The company distributes games, applications, themes, videos, wallpapers, animations and ringtones.

Branding and rebranding

Would you like to increase the visibility of your trademark or brand? Perhaps you are looking to support sales or get the word out about you in a creative way?

Inlogic Software offers you the opportunity to integrate your trademark or brand into its products, thereby making them unique for your customers in terms of content while taking advantage of an original form of making contact. For the holders of trademarks for various films, fairy tales, and other such materials, the company is also prepared to develop new games using their subject and characters.

Porting and Testing

The company offers porting and testing services to its clients separately from the development of mobile games and applications.

The company offers porting for games and applications using the J2ME, Android, iOS, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows 7 and OSX platforms.