Poly Mood

Android, iOS
Game Categories:
Poly puzzle game is for all ages 🐼
Collect tons of pictures in the polysphere 🐬
Brain training and creative poly art 💡
Anti-stress effect of pholysphere sphere 💐
Simple gameplay 🧩
Enjoy to solve various 3D poly sphere puzzles 🦊

Challenge yourself inside a polysphere world! It is the best choice to spend your time. It will help you to concentrate better and develop imagination. There are many poly art games, but none of them is like this pholysphere game. Also no games can be compared with this polysphere 3D puzzle in entertainment.

All you need is to swipe to rotate the puzzle and find the correct angle at which the figure will be complete. Create unique masterpieces. If you want to relax your mind, this game is for you!

Don’t hesitate and enjoy the atmosphere of the poly puzzle game!

Presentation pack for this huge game

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