Galaxy Shooter

Android, iOS
Game Categories:
Vast variety of levels 🚀
Extreme boss space battle 📌
Play the game offline 💪
Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles and lasers 📶
Stunning game visuals and skins 💥
Incredible electronic soundtrack 🎶

Take your Starship to fight! Cruise the Galaxy and shoot down formations of alien enemy fleets. Collect credits to upgrade your star fighter.
Watch out for enemies shooting back and strong Bosses! Hordes of enemies can also be handled with various boosters at your disposal. Dodge the bullet hell and shoot ’em up!

A single starship can succeed where a squadron will fail. Ready your sky force for ruthless space battle and fly through the chaotic barrage of asteroids & bullets to attack space invasion in our alien shooter game!
Upgrade your starship and put an end to the evil Kraathu Empire. Why? Because only you and your space team can restore peace in the galaxy threatened by alien invaders! Shoot ’em up, repel their galaxy attack!

Defeat the evil space invaders with your sky force within the galaxy of heroes and save the galaxy on fire!

Presentation pack for this huge game

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